“After buying a new condo in Manhattan with my fiancé last year, I decided to rent out my apartment in the Bronx rather than sell it. For six months my tenant paid on time by the 3rd of the month but in September he told me on the 6th he needed another week to get that month’s rent together. It wasn’t until the 21st that I realized he was just buying time and had no intention of paying me. Never dealing with an eviction before I had no idea on how to go about it. I found Mark online and met with him and he gave me the rundown on the best way of going about this, ultimately getting the tenant out of there as quickly as possible. Mark immediately took care of the three day notice for me that same afternoon. I still was not paid by the tenant and we went through the eviction process in court. I felt in great hands with Mark and eventually got the tenant out of my apartment. I hope to not have to go through this again but if I ever do Mark will be the first person I call to get the wheels in motion. Thank You So Much for your help on this.”

-J.S., Landlord
Bronx, NY